1. Privacy Policy


1.1 What is personal data?

It is any information relating to a natural person that enables him to be identified, directly or indirectly (a name, a photo, a postal address, an e-mail address, a telephone number, a social security number, an internal number, an IP address, a computer connection identifier, a voice recording, etc.).

1.2 Personal data collected


When creating a user account and for the purposes of performing the order, we collect, process and use your personal data in compliance with your rights and in accordance with the legislation in force.

We collect the following information:

– your identity (including first name, last name, gender);
– your contact details (in particular e-mail address, postal address, telephone number);
– your customer references (order number, login information );
– some of your payment data (billing data, transaction numbers).

When providing this information, the Customer is informed of the optional or mandatory nature of his answers. Mandatory information is accompanied by a distinctive sign such as an asterisk (*).

We strive to collect only personal information that is strictly necessary to process Customer requests.

We recommend that all Clients provide only the information requested or necessary to process their request

1.3 Recipients and purposes

This personal information is intended for Stéphane Rolland, in its capacity of data controller, and for any subcontractor which may be involved in the management of the Website and the execution of the contracts signed, for :

– ensuring the execution of the contract, namely the management of the order, its payment and the delivery of the product(s) purchased) (legal basis: contract) ;
– ensuring the execution of its legal and regulatory obligations in force (legal basis: law) ;
– ensuring the exercise of the right of withdrawal (legal basis: law/contract);
– using the customer account (legal basis: contract).

Stéphane Rolland does not intentionally collect or solicit personal data concerning persons under the age of 18.

1.4 Data storage


Personal information is confidential. It is collected by Stéphane Rolland and stored in France.

Customers’ personal data shall be kept for a maximum period of five (5) years from the end of the contract, i.e. the day of delivery of the order (subject to data necessary to meet a legal or regulatory obligation which may be kept for the time necessary to fulfil the obligation in question).

The personal information of prospects (potential customers) shall be kept for three (3) years from their last action, then deleted or archived in order to comply with legal retention obligations.

Regarding the cookies used (see Article 4 below), they shall be stored for up to 13 months from the time they have been installed.

1.5 Data security

Stéphane Rolland undertakes to take all guarantees to ensure a sufficient level of protection for personal data. To this end, it implements all technical and organizational means to ensure a level of data security, depending in particular on the purposes of the processing and the associated risks.

Stéphane Rolland implements protection measures to reduce the risks of loss, alteration, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and modification or destruction of personal data. Consequently, Stéphane Rolland limits the access to personal information solely to those who really need to access it for professional reasons. Persons (employees or service providers) who access your data shall be subject to a duty of confidentiality.

The processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with French and European legislation in force relating to the protection of privacy and personal data.

1.6 Users’ rights concerning their personal data

In accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions in force on data protection, the user benefits from the following rights:

– the right of access to personal data: the right to know and access the processed data ;

– the right to rectification: to request the completion (if incomplete) or the rectification (if inaccurate) of the data which concerns him;

– the right to erasure of his personal data in certain situations;

– the right to restriction of processing: the right to request the restriction of the processing of personal data in certain circumstances, for example if the Customer disputes the accuracy of the data;

– the right to object to the processing, i.e. the right of the Customer to object (1) at any time to the processing of his personal data for direct marketing purposes and (2) and in certain other situations, to the further processing of his personal data;

– the right to data portability, i.e. to request to receive the personal data concerning him and which he has provided to Stéphane Rolland, in a structured format that is commonly used and readable by another information system ;

– the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority (the CNIL) if he considers that the processing of his personal data does not comply with European rules ;

– the right to define guidelines on the fate of his personal data after his death.

1.7 Exercise of rights

If the user wishes to exercise one of these rights and/or to obtain communication of information concerning him, he should contact Stéphane Rolland at the following address: S.R. Paris, 128 avenue de Villiers 75017 Paris, or send an e-mail indicating his or her last name(s), first name(s), contact details to the following e-mail address:
In accordance with the legal provisions in force, Stéphane Rolland shall provide the information and/or the measures taken following the user’s request as soon as possible and in any event within one (1) month from receipt of the request (this period may be extended by two (2) months depending on the complexity of the request or the number of requests processed); the user shall then be informed thereof.
In the event of refusal to comply with the request of the user, Stéphane Rolland shall inform the user of the reasons for its position and of the possibility of filing a complaint with a supervisory authority (CNIL) and of filing a legal recourse.
In the event of a request for erasure or restriction of data processing, Stéphane Rolland shall inform the user that he will no longer have access to all the functionalities of the Website, in particular his user account.

2. Cookie Management


2.1 What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file, usually made up of letters and numbers, that can be placed on a device when you visit a website. A cookie file allows its sender to identify the device. Some cookies are essential for the use of the Website, others allow to optimize and personalize the content displayed. Each user can, at any time, refuse the installation of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in his browser. In such a case, the use of certain features of the Website may be limited or degraded.

Cookies placed on the Website may be deposited by Stéphane Rolland and/or by its service providers, in particular Google Analytics. They may be used for different purposes. The cookies used on the Website have the purposes described below.

2.2 Cookies placed on the Website


2.2.1. Functionality cookies

These cookies help optimize the browsing experience and make it more pleasant. 
For example, cookies enable to remember your preferences, while you are browsing the website but also during subsequent accesses (e.g.: memorization of the user’s basket, of the user account in the absence of disconnection on his part).
The data collected thanks to cookies allows us in particular to constantly improve our website, notably by adapting it to the interests of each user, by improving his searches.
These cookies are exclusively deposited by Stéphane Rolland.
At the time of the first connection and randomly at the time of subsequent connections, the Customer is asked to save his connection identifiers and password. This feature requires the use of a persistent cookie (stored on the Customer’s hard drive). The sole purpose of this file is to facilitate access to the Website. This option is not mandatory and can be deactivated at any time by the user.

2.2.2 Audience measurement cookies

These cookies enable to measure the traffic and performance of the Website, to establish statistics on the use of the various elements of the Website (content visited, itinerary) allowing Stéphane Rolland to improve the interest and ergonomics of the Website (the most frequently consulted pages or sections, the most consulted products, etc.). These cookies are also used to count the number of visitors to a page.
These cookies are deposited by Google Analytics.
When the user browses the Website, Stéphane Rolland’s servers automatically record certain log file information via the Google Analytics tool, including the IP address (only the city of location), the type of browser, the reference and exit pages and URLs consulted by the user, the number of clicks made by the user and the way in which he interacts with links on the Website, domain names, destination pages, pages visited, the start and end date of a session and other data of this type.
The Google Analytics tool works with cookies to collect information and generate reports on the statistics of the Website’s use without individual users being personally identified by Google.
The privacy policy of Google Analytics is available at the following address:
Stéphane Rolland collects and uses this analytical data. This data is anonymous and therefore does not allow identification of any particular user.
They are cookies that enable us to know the use and performance of our website, to establish statistics, the volume of traffic and use of the various elements of our website (content visited, browsing) enabling Stéphane Rolland to improve the interest and ergonomics of the website (the pages or sections most often consulted, the most frequently read articles, etc.).
Cookies are also used to count the number of visitors to a page. Please note that the Website uses local storage functionalities and that the user’s browser is likely to deposit a cookie with a limited lifetime.

2.2.3 Content sharing cookies (links)

The Website provides links to third party software applications, which allow the Customer to share content from our website with others or to make it known to these other persons.
These include notably links and/or content sharing buttons to social networks (Facebook, Instagram).
These functionalities use third-party cookies directly deposited by the applications concerned. This type of application button may allow the social network concerned to follow the user’s navigation on the Website, as soon as the user’s account is activated on his device (open session) during your navigation on the Website.
Facebook’s privacy policy is available at the following address:
Instagram privacy policy is available at the following address:

2.2.4 Video playing cookies

The Website contains videos that are played back using software applications from third parties, in particular Youtube.
The cookies deposited via the video sharing service Youtube are intended to allow the user to view directly on the Website the multimedia content hosted by Youtube.
This feature uses third-party cookies directly deposited by the application concerned. This type of application button may allow YouTube to follow the user’s navigation on the Website, as long as the user’s account is activated on his device (open session) during your navigation on the Webite.
Youtube’s privacy policy is available at the following address:

2.3 Cookie Management Procedures


During the first visit to the Website, a banner informs the user of the presence of these cookies and invites the user to accept or not to accept the use of these cookies individually or globally.
The cookies deposited by Stéphane Rolland are kept for a maximum period of thirteen (13) months.
Stéphane Rolland informs the user that it has no control over the process used by third parties to collect personal information during browsing on the Website. Stéphane Rolland invites the Customer to consult the privacy protection policies of the third parties referred to above, in order to be aware of the purposes of use, in particular advertising, of the user’s browsing information that they may collect through these application buttons.
Most browsers accept cookies by default. However, each user can refuse the installation of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in their browser. In such a case, the use of certain features of the Website may be limited.

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